Commercial Laundry Services for Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, and More

The #1 Choice for Colorado Springs Businesses

LaundryLounge specializes in commercial laundry. We provide FREE commercial laundry pick up and delivery service — we’ll pick your business’s laundry up and transport it to our facility, delivering it back when it's all clean!

Our restaurant linen cleaning service washes tablecloths, napkins, cleaning towels, and even mop heads. We will pick up your dirty linens from your restaurant, wash and fold it, and return it all in 1-2 days. We can even launder your restaurant uniforms.

Our commercial services clean towels for hair salons and barbershops, towels for pet grooming shops, and laundry service for nail salons, spas, gyms, and massage parlors. Towels are washed and folded and returned to you clean and ready for use again. Our uniform cleaning services cleans shirts and uniforms for businesses and medical workers. We will wash gowns & robes from hospitals and medical facilities, and lab coats for chiropractors, dentists, and doctors.

We have even done uniform laundering for high school and college football and other sports teams. The Olympic Training Center facility is located here in Colorado Springs with uniforms that need laundering. Industrial places have very dirty work clothes that benefit from our commercial laundry service as well.

LaundryLounge’s commercial department serves all the tourist industry. Anything from linens for hotels, motels, Airbnb, as well as bed and breakfast facilities. We also have done hospitality laundry service for VRBO rentals. Besides hotel linen cleaning service, we have washed toddler nap sheets for preschools and provided a wide range commercial laundry services. 

Commercial laundry is bid by the job. The price is based on the quantity of laundry you have for us and how often you want to schedule services that work best for you. Payment can be set up to pay as you go or pay by invoicing. There is no need for contracts.

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We use quality products to wash, dry, and fold your business laundry. Our business is laundry. Let us do yours for you. Get a quote at or call at  (719) 375-1936