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February 11, 2019

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If you’ve recently moved or your apartment complex doesn’t have shared laundry facilities, you need a clean, quiet space to do your laundry. Search no longer for CO Springs coin laundry – Laundry Lounge is your new Colorado Springs laundromat. If you can’t do your laundry in your own home, go to the next best place.

At Laundry Lounge, we strive to create a friendly, welcoming environment for you to do your laundry that feels like home. Our favorite thing to do when we’re doing laundry? Multi-task. We know that you’re busy and have a lot to do, so we offer free WiFi. You can take advantage of the change in scenery to get additional work done. If instead you just want to relax and take a break while you’re doing laundry, that’s okay, too. We have cable TV so you can catch up on your favorite show or watch your team play.

Why Use Laundry Lounge?

Don’t let laundry control your life. Have you wondered how to do laundry quickly? You need accessible, reliable machines that will get your loads done quickly and efficiently. Enter Laundry Lounge. Our high capacity machines can turn hours of laundry into just one hour of washing. Did you know that most households average 150 pounds of laundry a week? Yet, your in-home washer can only wash up to 15 pounds at a time. Some shared laundry facilities in apartment complexes have even smaller machines. Small load capacities make it nearly impossible to get your laundry done quickly. Instead, our Laundry Lounge machines have an 80-pound capacity. That means that you can finish washing all your laundry in just one hour by using two machines at once.

If you have large, bulky items that need washing, you don’t want to try cramming them into your washing machine at home. Your in-home appliance isn’t designed to wash sleeping bags, large comforters, or duvets. Our washing machines with larger capacities are ideal for your big, awkward items.

Regain control of your week by taking charge of your laundry needs. In just an hour at Laundry Lounge, you can wash all your laundry for the week. We keep our brand-new facility clean and our machines in top working order. That’s because we know your laundry is more than just that – it’s your favorite pair of jeans and the blankets you tuck your kids into bed with. Our machines are regularly inspected to keep them free of odors or any operating issues. Give CO Springs coin laundry a try today at Laundry Lounge.

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