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Vacation Rental Laundry Service

Do you manage an Airbnb or vacation rental?

Washing all of the linens in between guests can become quite tedious and time consuming, but we have a solution for that! We offer free pickup and delivery services to your rental properties. All you have to do is schedule your pickup on the app, put your laundry in our bag next to the front door, and we will return your fresh linens quickly! We offer recurring scheduled pickups as well if you know that you will need linens picked up on a regular basis, or from multiple locations. One less thing to worry about when managing your rental property, and your guests will love the scent and feel of just washed linens. We only use name brand products when we wash and fold our client’s laundry, so that we can ensure the quality and freshness of your linens.

If you are interested in our Airbnb or vacation rental laundry services, reach out to us for a quote. We can offer discounts for volume or frequency, so find out for yourself how convenient this service truly is!

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