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Important Laundry Etiquette Rules

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LaundryLounge is pleased to provide the citizens of Colorado Springs with three premium laundry facilities, each with various sized washers and dryers for different sized laundry loads. Whenever you’re doing laundry at a laundromat, it's important to follow proper etiquette. In this blog, we highlight some of the most important laundromat etiquette tips you should be aware of. Read on to learn more!

Don’t Hog the Machines

Some people would advise you that the best thing to do is claim your machines with your dirty clothes. Machines must be reserved in appropriate quantities. Spreading your dirty laundry across the lids of several machines you intend to monopolize for the entire afternoon between errands is considered inconsiderate by, well, pretty much everyone, as is trying to reserve an open dryer for your wet clothes that still have 20 minutes to go in the wash. It's never nice to be a line-jumper. In certain communal laundry facilities, it's okay to set your laundry basket on a machine while you collect your quarters or card for payment. Elsewhere, doing so is deemed disrespectful.

Consider, too, the size of the laundromat, the time of day, and the day of the week. If it's a small facility with just a few machines, such as the ones apartment buildings sometimes offer, it's not cool to use all the machines to accelerate your laundry chores. Furthermore, because laundromats are busiest during evenings and weekends, be kind to the other customers and don't monopolize the washers.

Don’t Leave Your Clothes Unattended

The time required for an ordinary load of laundry in the washing machine is about 25 to 40 minutes. Each cycle in the dryer should run between 30 and 40 minutes. Make a note of when you began your load and schedule your return to coincide with its finish if you can't wait for the half-hour. Even better, return to the same time in advance. Shared laundry room etiquette dictates that this is essential. It is deemed impolite if you leave your clothing unattended since you are monopolizing machines. If you prefer to do things in the laundry room, leave your laundry basket on top of the washer. In addition to wasting everyone's time, abandoned clothing becomes tempting targets for burglars. Public laundromats are public places where if you're not careful, someone else may be planning to steal your clothing.

Bring Your Own Detergent

While laundromats almost always provide basic supplies, including laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and bleach, an unspoken rule is that you should carry your own. Instead of attempting to carry all of your belongings, choose smaller, laundry-friendly containers to lighten your burden. Buying full-size materials instead of single-use things at the laundry can save you money. Also, remember: You only need as much as you believe you need. There is an additional advantage to doing your laundry when you arrive at the laundromat equipped with your materials. You may get better treatment since you've prepared ahead of time. 


Don’t Overload the Machine

When garments are packed too tightly in the washing or dryer, they may form a big, cohesive ball. To prevent wrinkles, divide the load. Cleaner clothing is the result. A breathing area is needed for clothing in the washing machine, and without it, each item won't receive the agitation and rinsing it needs. When you overload your wash, the chance of your clothing being ruined also increases. For the dryer, the same rule of space applies. It is a good idea to shake each item you want to put in the dryer since this not only helps to untangle and release any buried socks but it also helps to minimize creases. Another plus of smaller laundry loads is it provides more uniform drying of your clothing and is more energy-efficient.

Try LaundryLounge

The idea for the laundry chain came to us in 2017. We thought that people would prefer more laundromats with large washing machines, wide aisles, plenty of seating, and well-lit areas. Our motto is “Do Life, Not Laundry!” and our laundromat services are designed to ensure you spend less time doing laundry and more time doing what you love. Our laundry facilities are the top-rated in all of Colorado, with the most ratings of any laundromat in town seems to indicate that we had the right idea. We are proud to offer excellent customer service at our laundromats. We offer a free laundry collection and delivery service to business and residential customers. Simply call ahead to arrange a pick-up, and we will return your clothes laundered and folded nicely. See us today!

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