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Common Laundromat Myths Debunked

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LaundryLounge is proud to offer Colorado Springs multiple laundromats designed to provide you with the best laundry services in the area, with numerous sized washers and dryers to accommodate various laundry load sizes. Visit one of our three Colorado Springs laundromats today! Read on to learn more!

Even while laundromats provide individuals with an inexpensive and convenient method to wash their laundry, many people still believe in various misconceptions about these facilities. To dispel some of the misconceptions that we often hear, we thought we'd devote this article to that.


Laundromats need to stay in business, which is why they charge a small fee for utilizing one of the machines. However, the cost of using them is very affordable for the services that they provide. For people who don’t have a washer and dryer in their own home, the options are to use a laundromat or buy a new washer and dryer. For many, the cost of getting your own appliances is far more expensive than spending your change at the laundromat. LaundryLounge provides affordable laundry services in Colorado Springs. We have locations across the city and hope to provide you with a great solution for getting your laundry done without breaking the bank.

Machine Quality

When people think of laundromats a lot of times they think of representations of them in movies or tv shows. They are communal areas where people from all walks of life come together. Some of the shows you may have seen are older movies that have outdated machines. We are very different from that. At LaundryLounge we have the most up-to-date technology on the market. We have various size machines that are very advanced and effective. Come see our high-tech machines today and get a high-quality wash for all your laundry needs.


There is a misrepresentation of laundromats that portrays them as crowded and hectic. If you want to have peace and quiet when you are at the laundromat there are many solutions for you. Most people who go to the laundromat go on either evenings or on the weekend. To avoid the crowds you can come during a weekday or in the morning. This may not be possible for some people but even if you can only make it when it is busy we have enough machines that you will not need to wait for a machine. Come to LaundryLounge and see how simple and convenient our services are. 

Who We Are

The idea for our laundry chain came to us in 2017. Our theory was that people would want to visit laundromats with big washing machines, broad aisles, enough seating, and well-lit spaces, all of which were very nicely designed. The fact that our laundromats are the top-rated in all of Colorado with the most ratings of any laundromat in town seems to indicate that we had the right idea. Our neighborhood loves our laundromats, and we are happy to provide our customers with top-notch amenities. There are many myths about laundromats and we want to get the record straight. Contact us today for more information!

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