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June 10, 2019

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Looking for a wonderful laundromat Colorado Springs? Do you hate doing laundry? Wouldn’t you rather spend your free time on fun activities? And is doing your own laundry simply taking too much time? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we are your solution. At Laundry Lounge, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs and make laundry as convenient as possible while saving you time. Your search for “laundromat Colorado Springs” just ended. We can help.

In addition to everyday garments that you would put into your own washer and dryer, we can clean larger things such as sleeping bags, comforters, pillows and bulky blankets. 

When you searched online for laundromat Colorado Springs you found our highly customer rated company

You can enjoy all these amenities here:

  • Enjoy WIFI, coffee, cable TV
  • Eco-friendly products & equipment
  • Wash and fold service to save you time
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Large capacity machines

How It Works

  1. Place your order
  2. Leave your laundry by your front door
  3. Go to work, go to school, do anything but your laundry
  4. High-5 our delivery guy, you just got your laundry done

Our clients choose our wash and fold service because we can have a week’s worth of laundry cleaned and folded within a couple of days. We make sure that your clothing is sorted properly, washed in accordance with their labels, and folded professionally. 

If you decide to pick up your own laundry, we guarantee that your drop off and pick up will be very quick and easy for you! Learn more about pricing. 

We also have vacation, uniform, hotel, and clinical and medical laundry services available. Call today to find out more, 719-375-3406 or use the “contact” tab on our website. 

The laundromat Colorado Springs Google search is over: you just clicked on your future favorite laundry spot

Laundry Lounge does offer self-laundry service if you choose to
do your own laundry. We are unique in all the amenities that we offer to our customers. Laundry Lounge offers free WIFI, coffee, and cable TV while you wait. We have a nice relaxing atmosphere, with friendly, helpful staff and large capacity coin-operated machines. Plus, we are family-friendly.

Why do our clients love us? That’s easy! We have quick and easy scheduling, Laundry Lounge bags are conveniently provided, we have fast turnaround service and we save you at least ten hours of your time per week.

We have “loads” to offer. Consider us your local laundry service that fits your needs. Schedule a laundry service and find out just how much you will like having laundry chores taken off your plate.

Coming soon, you can further save time by visiting us online at for order drop-off and pick-up service. 

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