The Hidden Costs of Cramming: Why Overstuffing Your Washing Machine is a Bad Idea

June 24, 2024

Piled Laundry In Laundry Room

We've all been there. Mounds of laundry pile up seemingly out of nowhere and suddenly your swamped. The temptation to cram as much into the machine as you can is strong. Don't do it!. Consider this: overstuffing your washing machine can lead to a whole host of problems, from poor cleaning to inevitable costly repairs. At Laundry Lounge, we're passionate about helping you care for your clothes and the machines. Let's review some of the hidden costs of overstuffing and learn how to do it the right way. 

The Laundry List of Problems: How Overstuffing Damages Your Machine

Overstuffed machines can't properly agitate clothes, whin in turn can leave behind dirt, detergent and other residue. Cramming laundry in can also put extra strain on the motor, belts, and other components leading to premature wear and tear. Too much laundry can also cause it to become unbalanced during the spin cycle, damaging the drum and bearings. In addition, overloading can lead to lint and debris buildup clogging the drain pump and hoses. Finally, an overstuffed machine has to work harder consuming more energy and driving up your utility bills. 

Signs Your Machine is Overstuffed and What to Do About It

If your machine is making loud thumping or banging noises, it's likely unbalanced. Stop the machine and redistribute the load. If the machine wont start, it may have sensors that prevent it from operating when it is overloaded. Remove some of the items and try it again. If you notice that your clothes still look dirty after the wash, it's a sign that they were not properly agitated due to overcrowding. 

How to Load Your Washing Machine the Right Way

Always consult your washing machines manual for recommended load sizes. Fill the drum to no more than 3/4 full to allow for proper water circulation and agitation. Don't mix heavy and light items - wash towels and jeans separately from delicate items to prevent damage and ensure thorough cleaning. if you regularly have large loads, consider upgrading your machine to one with a higher capacity. Or schedule a pickup and delivery and let Laundry Lounge take care of it for you!

Overstuffing your washing machine might seem like a time - saver but ultimately leads to a laundry list of problems. By loading your machine correctly and following our tips, you can protect your appliance, save money on energy costs and ensure your clothes get he clean they deserve. If your looking for a hassle - free laundry experience, consider visiting Laundry Lounge. We offer top of the line machines, expert laundry care advice and a comfortable environment to tackle that laundry pile.


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