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Restaurant Laundry Services

We know that restaurants produce a lot of dirty laundry. Stubborn stains, and cheap detergents that don’t do the trick sounds like a recipe for stress. Laundry Lounge will take the burden off your hands, and make sure that you have a constant supply of clean linens, so your worries can melt away. By using top branded detergents, stain removal products, softeners, dryer sheets, and more, your restaurant laundry will always be crisp, clean, and ready to tackle any new messes! We will pick up your laundry, make sure it is sanitized, and folded to your requirements. We offer quick turnaround times so you won’t have to worry about if you will have your linens back in time for dinner service. We make sure that your table cloths, towels, napkins, and uniforms are wrapped and ready for use whenever you need them!

We understand the commitment to cleanliness and we want to help you keep your restaurant running smoothly! Give us a call today for a no obligation quote to find out how convenient our services truly are!

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